Why people don’t use OpenOffice?

Why people don’t use OpenOffice/LibreOffice/Simphony and prefer the most expensive Microsoft Office?

There are several reasons for this. I think the most commons are:

  1. OpenOffice is not Office.
  2. People are used to Office.
  3. Calc is not Excel.
  4. Office has a lot of features. I know that people use only a small part of these features but this part is different for different part of the people.
  5. Office has VisualStudio (e.g. you can easily write applications that use Office)

A small part of the people use OpenOffice/LibreOffice/Simphony for different reasons:

  1. OpenOffice is cheapest.
  2. Office and Microsoft are against personal religious belief (Microsoft is evil).
  3. They work mainly with different software vendors.

Office is a very complete suite of products and can be used as a integration and development platform, too. You can find several enterprise solutions (even my own company sells GhostWriter, an application server that generates complex documents using rules and combining data from different sources and nobody asked for the same on OpenOffice).

I think that there is a threat to Microsoft dominance but this is not OpenOffice/LibreOffice/Simphony. The threat is the availability of (stupid and a lot more limited) apps on tablets and the availability of web apps as cloud services. I don’t know why but the same people that want a lot of features on PCs applications, can accept apps on tablet with a very limited set of features. Meanwhile webapps are very easy to manage (Microsoft has is own very good proposal, indeed).


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